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Christmas balls. Author and copyright M. R.
Christmas balls. Author and copyright M. R.

Winterthur Christmas Market

Winterthur is the second largest city in the canton of Zurich. Located in northern Switzerland a short distance from the border with Germany and close to Lake Constance. The city is located 439 meters above sea level along the Töss river valley. Founded in the Middle Ages, in the 11th century it became the capital of the county of Kyburg, in the 14th century with the extinction of the family of counts, the city, like the entire county, became part of the possessions of the Habsburgs. Winterthur was sold by the Habsburgs to the city of Zurich in 1467. Winterthur was in the past an important industrial center, in fact in the 19th century, the city housed factories of engines, locomotives and textile factories. From a tourist point of view Winterthur has important museums, including a renowned museum of modern art with works by Picasso and Klee. A rich collection of paintings of European art from the 14th to the beginning of the 20th century is the Oskar Reinhart private collection “Am Römerholz” with paintings by the French impressionists. The historic center of the city is charming, with its many cafés, restaurants and bars facing the streets, inviting you to stroll and go shopping. Winterthur is filled with numerous parks and gardens. In the surroundings of Winterthur there are interesting castles and villages, the city can also be used as a base for visiting Lake Constance, the Rhine and the nearby city of Zurich. The environment and decorations of the wooden houses that make up the market make the Winterthur Christmas market one of the most beautiful and fascinating Christmas markets in Switzerland.


1) Winterthur Christmas Market (Winterthurer Weihnachtsmarkt). The market usually takes place in Winterthur’s pedestrianized Old Town on the Neumarkt, which is home to over 100 ornately decorated wooden stalls. In the market, in addition to the classic Christmas decorations, you can find the wonderful aromas of cinnamon and mulled wine, and numerous Swiss gastronomic delicacies.


ATTENTION: We recommend that you check the opening of the Christmas markets with the organizers.