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Christmas balls. Author and copyright M. R.
Christmas balls. Author and copyright M. R.

Tallinn Christmas Markets

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The capital of Estonia has its own Christmas market since 2001, but Tallinn also boasts of being the city that had the first Christmas tree ! In fact legend tells that, in 1441, in the same square where today takes place the Tallinn Christmas Market, a bachelor merchant danced and sang along with the local girls around a tree, which they set fire, by this gesture seems to be born the tradition of illuminating the trees during Christmas.

Tallinn is a beautiful destination all year round thanks to the beauty of its old town which has remained almost unchanged since the Middle Ages. The city is largely surrounded by the ancient defensive walls enclosing a historical center easily visitable on foot. The heart of Tallinn is the square of the Old Town Hall (Raekoja platsi) that is located in the city center at the foot of the Cathedral Hill (Toompea).


Dates of the Christmas Market:
Usually end of November – December

1) Tallinn Christmas Market  (Tallinna Jõuluturg). The market takes place in the most beautiful square in the Old Town of Tallinn – the square of the Old Town Hall (Raekoja platsi) – dating from the fifteenth century, in the heart of the beautiful Old Town of Tallinn which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The atmosphere of this unique Christmas market is dominated by a huge Christmas tree that towers over the square, in an idyllic setting made of white snow, the visitor seems catapulted into a fairy tale.

The market of Tallinn consists of over 50 stalls where you can see and taste the local delicacies and buy handicrafts from all over Estonia. Very beautiful are the chants and songs of the Christmas tradition of Estonia that are performed especially on weekends.

For many years residents and guests of Tallinn are enchanted by the annual Tallinn Christmas Market. It is a true fairy-tale land – there is a tall Christmas tree on the historic town square surrounded by little houses shining with lights that sell Christmas delicacies and folk craft products. Children will be happy to see merry-go-rounds and Santa Claus, the main stage will feature hundreds of singers and dancers performing, and amazing aromas of piparkooks and mulled wine will spread all over the square.

Each year Tallinn Christmas Market changes a little. This year Christmas lights decorating the square are replaced with new ones. Their warm light makes the market even more cozy than before. The Christmas tree this year is especially rich and beautiful, with many new decorations: new LED lights as well as red and gold Christmas baubles of different sizes. The stage is decorated with over 600 Christmas stars. There will be over 40,000 lights lit for the Christmas Market on the Town Hall Square. This is a great way to celebrate 575 years since the first Christmas tree was displayed in Tallinn (and probably in the world, too) – in 1441 it was brought to the Town Hall Square by members of the Brotherhood of Blackheads.

Traditionally, the Tallinn Christmas Market offers a wide selection of gifts and delicacies, most of which are made in Estonia. Here you can also have a meal and various refreshments. Selection is large: from well-known Christmas dishes, such as sauerkraut and blood sausages, to fish and duck. Hot and heating drinks are offered by many sellers.



This post is also available in: Portuguese (Portugal)

ATTENTION: We recommend that you check the opening of the Christmas markets with the organizers.