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Christmas balls. Author and copyright M. R.
Christmas balls. Author and copyright M. R.

Olomouc Christmas Market

Olomouc is a beautiful historic Moravian city located along the Morava River, 80 km northeast of Brno. An important university site, boasting the second oldest university in the country, the city is famous for its large squares and its beautiful architecture. The historic center is very beautiful with the Column of the Holy Trinity (UNESCO World Heritage Site), the ancient 15th century town hall with its astronomical clock, the numerous churches and the many Baroque fountains.

The city of Olomouc is the historical capital of Moravia. Olomouc was probably founded during the Roman Empire, the remains of a Roman military camp have been found in its vicinity. In the Middle Ages, starting from the 7th century, a settlement began to develop which gradually grew to become, in the 13th century, both commercially and politically, one of the most important cities of Moravia. Only in the 18th century following the destruction suffered during the Thirty Years War, when it was occupied for eight years by the Swedes (1642-1650), Olomouc lost its role as the most important city in Moravia and was supplanted by the city of Brno.


1) Olomouc Christmas Market (Vánoční trhy Olomouc). The events related to the Christmas holidays are the main events of the town of Olomouc, among these the Christmas Market is the most important. The market is usually held in the Upper Square (Horním náměstí) and offers handicrafts, gingerbread, mead and gastronomic specialties. During Advent, a nice skating rink is usually set up on Dolním náměstí square.


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