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Christmas balls. Author and copyright M. R.
Christmas balls. Author and copyright M. R.

Sitguna Christmas Market

Sigtuna is a small Swedish town of just over 7,000 inhabitants, located half an hour’s drive from Stockholm and 10 km from Stockholm Arlanda Airport (Arlanda International Airport). Sitguna is believed to be  one of the oldest Swedish cities according to the Nordic sagas, it was founded in the 10th century. The city was founded at the end of the 10th century and after its foundation it was for about 250 years it was one of the most important cities in Sweden with important churches and palaces, the ruins of some of these ancient buildings are still visible today. Sitguna became, between the 11th and 13th centuries, an important center of trade and commerce. The first Swedish coins were minted in Sitguna. With the end of the 13th century the city lost its importance and was overtaken by the nearby cities of Stockholm and Uppsala. The Sitguna Christmas Market is one of the city’s major events during the holiday season.


1) Sitguna Christmas Market (Julmarknad i Sigtuna stad). In the Sigtuna market, which is usually set up in the Stora gatan, Stora torget and Lilla torget squares, you will find typical Swedish handicraft and gastronomy products, music, dances and Christmas dances.

2) Indoor Christmas Market (Julmarknad Steninge Slott) in the Steninge Slott. The Steninge Slott, a magnificent baroque palace, one of the most elegant in Sweden, is located a few kilometers from Sigtuna, here you can find an indoor Christmas market with handicrafts, candles, gifts, sausages, gingerbread, marzipan etc.


ATTENTION: We recommend that you check the opening of the Christmas markets with the organizers.