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  • Christmas Market in the Town Hall Square (Wiener Christkindlmarkt am Rathausplatz), Vienna, Austria. Author Manfred Werner. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike

    Vienna Christmas Markets

    The Wiener Adventzauber (the Magic of Advent in Vienna) is housed in the Town Hall Square of Vienna ...

Austria Christmas Markets

Germany Christmas Markets

The Christmas markets are the most important event of the period of Advent, that is, the four weeks leading up to Christmas. During this period, in the countries of German language and culture is the custom since the Middle Ages the organization of the traditional Christmas or Advent markets.


According to some historical research and some original documents the tradition of Christmas markets goes back to the fifteenth century, when in some German cities were organized small markets in the period before Christmas.


It seems that the first of these markets has taken place in the Saxon city of Dresden in 1434, the Dresdner Striezelmarkt. As confirmation of this thesis there is a document of the period which describing the existence of this Christmas market in Dresden. Despite this, many German cities claim to have markets still most ancient.


With the Protestant Reformation the Christmas markets took the name of Christkindlmarkt (literally in German means the market of the Child Jesus).


From the Middle Ages the tradition of the Christmas markets has spread to every city of German language and culture. The geographic area of ​​origin of the Christmas markets extends beyond Germany and Austria, it includes also the European regions that have historically experienced more in-depth contact with German culture, among them we find the Alsace and Lorraine in France, Trentino - Alto Adige in Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.


Today Christmas Markets have passed the traditional distribution area and are present not only in virtually every European country, but also - in smaller versions - in Canada, the United States and in many other countries around the world.

France Christmas Markets

Finland Christmas Markets

Italy Christmas Markets

Switzerland Christmas Markets

Poland Christmas Markets

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